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Roanoke VA event venue

The Passenger Station

The Roanoke station was built in 1909-1910 as a showpiece of the Virginian Railway in Roanoke. The design was unique to the Virginian and served the railroad’s passenger service until the last run on January 29, 1956. The station was used as offices until a merger with the Norfolk and Western on December 1, 1959. It was leased out to a private concern until the evening of January 29, 2001, 45 years to the day of the last passenger service on the Virginian. A fire destroyed the building that night, but it would rise like a Phoenix from the ashes with restoration completed in 2016. The station served as the most visible part of the Virginian in Roanoke during the days of passenger service and has been restored to its former grandeur with faithful effort from many people.

Today we simply call it The Train Station and look forward to having passengers back into the station as an Event Venue. Truly the best of Roanoke, we have Trains, Mill Mountain and the Roanoke Star. All in our back yard!

We look forward to serving you once again! All Aboard!!!


Airstream Whiskey Lounge

Looking for a unique experience?  Right outside the passenger station you will find a space like no other!  With the Roanoke Star right above us, come and experience the outside of this historic railway station!  Take in the historic scenery or venture inside the Airstream Whiskey Lounge or enjoy some music with friends in the breezeway.  A beautiful space that is sure to make your event one to remember! 

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Unique whiskey lounge located in Roanoke Va

The Luggage Room

Welcome to The Luggage Room Whiskey Lounge – a sanctuary of sophistication and exclusivity.  This hidden gem sits next to the passenger station, transporting you to a time when cocktails were an art form and conversation was king. The interior exudes opulence, with leather-bound seating, dim lighting, and a rustic bar stocked with top-shelf spirits. Our mixologists craft a range of bespoke cocktails, each as unique as the guest who orders it.  Whether you’re hosting a private event, celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a night of indulgence, our private speak easy lounge is the place to be. Come and experience the secret world of cocktail culture, where time stands still and memories are made.